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  • Meredith College is monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Meredith, like other institutions, continues to evaluate and make decisions as new information becomes available in the best interests of our students and community.

  • 在从卫生官员新的信息和指导光, 扩展梅雷迪思是学生春假一个星期,到周日,3月22日.

  • 当课在周一,3月23日恢复,梅雷迪思将提供可选的指令选项,直至另行通知。 

  • 所有类将为每一个学生远程访问 但有些教师在那里也选择以满足小班学生。梅雷迪思与疾病预防控制中心指导,限制集会50人或更少的规定。

  • 梅雷迪思是提供选择和表彰保持开放的校园,并不是每个学生都有一个替代的地方去。

  • The Provost’s Office has been in constant communication with faculty, ensuring Meredith professors understand the need to offer flexibility to students and providing them the guidance and support to do so. 阅读教师常见问题解答 

  • Meredith的领导团队 和人力资源与人员沟通,对员工的需求提供具体的指导。

  • Meredith College has taken a number of precautions in preparation for students who are returning to campus. In addition, 家政 staff will do a deep cleaning of the campus, with a focus on surfaces in common spaces and high traffic areas, during the extended spring break. 了解更多关于Meredith的防范工作

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  • 我能在我的工作空间做以减少传播任何病毒的风险?

  • 这是什么意思为被隔离的人吗?

    When a patient is isolated, he or she has tested positive for the disease and is asked not to have contact with the public to help prevent its spread. The patient is also monitored by the local health department daily to check for any changes in temperature or overall health.

  • 这是什么意思一个人被隔离?

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  • 难道我已经从测试呈阳性WHO的病人感染了covid-19?


    As these contacts continue to be identified, the Wake County Health Department can assess their risk of exposure and implement the appropriate public health recommendations.

  • How do I know if I have been in close contact with an affected person if the Health Department will not release information on who they are, where they live, work, or travel?

  • 疾病预防提示



    • 过气进行学术,公共管理和共享空间,居住建筑的深层清洁。
    • 校园周围的其他洗手液站已放置。
    • 标志被张贴在公共厕所里约准备技术正确洗手提醒。
    • 手套,洗手液站可用于在计算机实验室和图书馆使用。


    • 餐厅的工作人员都在增加,在这手套的频率和服务用具改变。 
    • 校园餐饮场所的临时政策禁止使用可重复使用的杯已经-被提起。饮料笔芯必须使用每一次新的,干净的杯子。
    • 洗手液站分别位于入口/出口和洗手液的泵可在寄存器区域。
    • 自己的学生刷卡(自刷卡),而不是移交卡人员。
    • 在用餐空间休息区会有所调整,以允许更多的之间的社会距离表。


    • 对所有设备提高的清洁协议已经确立 
    • 已经提供了使用健身器材去过手套
    • 洗手液站和卫生湿巾可在整个健身中心。
    • 在健身中心名片全能王的程序将移至自我刷卡系统。


    • 避免密切接触。
    • 留在家里当你生病。
    • 捂住嘴和鼻子。
    • 避免触摸眼睛,鼻子或嘴巴。
    • 实践等良好的卫生习惯 - 充足的睡眠,身体活动,管理你的压力,多喝水,吃有营养的食物。
    • Wash your hands! If you cannot wash hands, then use hand sanitizer, especially in the dining hall after you set your tray down, use a little hand sanitizer after touching serving utensils used by others. 访问 the CDC的洗手:干净的手拯救生命网站适当的技术
    • If you cough, try coughing into your bent arm/elbow to avoid coughing in your hand/fist. This will lessen the transmission of germs on items that you touch, like door knobs/handles.

    这些是日常习惯,可以帮助防止病毒的几种传播。另外,疾控中心已 旅客具体指导.

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